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Bianca van Wyk vs Skye

Pamela Saxby viciously attacked by trolls on twitter

This was a bizarre thread that I saw. I don’t know Pamela Saxby but Pamela Saxby gets viciously attacked by trolls on twitter.

I do not know the user who first used the twitter profile @Lonestar_skye but changed her username to @SkyeZedA
because someone had created trolls profiles to harass her. Yes, it wasn’t me. I know you’re convinced it is me, but I’m unsure how much more of me saying it wasn’t me I must say to you https://twitter.com/SkyeZedA

Not only does this promote cyber-bullying , but the amount of death-threats that Pamela Saxby gets as a result of this is ridiculous.

If you hate someone so much , go to the police like a normal person and report them – don’t threaten to hurt or kill them.