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PETER PHILLIPSON and his cyber-bullying minions


I love the way that you indoctrinate your imbeciles to harass me. It’s a pity though that you’re too much of a coward to unlock your twitter profile to tweet about me.

Even your ghost accounts are faceless and insulting me so that they can get recognition by you – to upvote their insults.

As much as they get turned on by cyber-bullying, on instructions by you , they are still braver not to hide behind a LOCKED twitter profile like you do …

I see that you are petrified of UNLOCKING your profile.

You’re so chicken I see …

If you had any guts, you would UNLOCK your twitter profile …

i_batibat the cyber-bully who fears Deon Fialkov

Dear i_batibat, you can insult me as much as you like from your temporary ghost account.

I know it turns you on to get likes and retweets. Imagine if you had your real profile photo and real identity on your profile when you were retweeted. People might even think you are worth having an opinion.

TEMPORARY, because I will have it suspended like I did to your previous profiles, and PETER PHILLIPSON’s 11 other ghost accounts.

He even hides behind a LOCKED profile @RevPeterP because he’s petrified of me too. If he wasn’t – tell him to UNLOCK his profile and belittle me like a normal person.

Cyber stalker and Cyber bully Peter Phillipson struggling to keep a profile

PETER PHILLIPSON who is a nobody decided to create ghost accounts on twitter to hide his full identity and what he looks like , purely to humiliate and harass users – so he can get likes and retweets.

Here are just some of his ghost accounts that have been suspended by twitter for his harassment of users :


I told you before NOT to talk badly about me.

Now I’ll make sure that I get ALL OF YOUR PROFILES SUSPENDED !!

More victims come forward about Bianca van Wyk’s bullying

Bianca van Wyk stalks Renaldo Gouws

I am a huge fan of Renaldo Gouws youtube channel and I was shocked that he
too is being stalked by Bianca van Wyk.

CYBER BULLY bittereinder17 converts his bullying profile into a business profile

The imbecile of epic proportions who has a very scary obsession with Deon Fialkov – used to use the twitter profile
@bittereinder17 to humiliate and defame Deon Fialkov with the most outrageous allegations, all behind the comfort of his ghost account – even boasting about using a VPN – to hide his behaviour.

Well, this imbecile has recently converted his bullying twitter profile @bittereinder17 to @myhoomanstore , a business profile – where the location of the `business’ claims to be in United Kingdom.

Only an imbecile would do business with someone like you who gets turned on by bullying users from numerous ghost accounts.


DO YOU REALLY THINK I’M simply going to let you defame me and other people ?

I’m going to give all this information to the FBI for them to prosecute you.