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Theuns Nothnagel loses more ghost accounts

Theuns Nothnagel lost another ghost account @GiborSI for being abusive on twitter.

THEUNS NOTHNAGEL who lost his 2016 twitter profile @bynaturenawty for abusive behaviour , has changed his 2014 twitter profile @GiborSI to @bynawtynature 12 February 2021 which also got suspended and he tried to keep GiborSI by changing @bittereinderr17 to @GiborSI has also lost the profile at 08:18am Saturday 13 February 2021

Theuns Nothnagel who has an obsession with Deon Fialkov modified his twitter bio to show ` I made Deon Fialkov my B!tch..”

@bynaturenawty bio modified : “Just an ordinary guy, living an extraordinary life if twitter suspends my account, I just want everyone to know … I made Deon Fialkov my B!tch..”

@bynawtynature bio modified “Please refer to @bynaturenawty, just as a reminder of who I made my bitch”

But , Theuns Nothnagel, you lost 2 ghost accounts , one from 2016 and one from 2014 over your obsession with Deon Fialkov.

Deon Fialkov dominated you because he NEVER lost anything !

User Natz_online is the bullshit bully that torments twitter users

It amazes me how twitter allows an imbecile to spew vitriol constantly attacking users on twitter – purely for likes and retweets.

I’m going to attach screenshots of her bullying online.

This user hides her identity behind a ghost account @Natz_online and defames users without actually producing any proof.

Cyber bully and stalker populistmorons finally suspended

The user who created the twitter profile @populistmorons has finally been suspended.

Many users were boasting about her getting suspended.