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FireFlyLuciferi ghosts accounts to stalk Deon Fialkov have been suspended

FireFlyLuciferi is too scared to be itself online so it creates multiple ghost accounts to stalk users, tweet defamatory things purely for likes and retweets.

Here are some of its creations – suspended by twitter for being abusive.

Cyber bully , sex pest and stalker bynaturenawty unmasked

The user who is harassing many users on twitter behind the ghost account bynaturenawty
has been identified as Hendrik.

Here’s a photo of the troll unmasked.

Real Name: Hendrik.

The user constantly bullies many users , including Deon Fialkov – because he hides his identity behind a ghost account.

Please ensure that you report the twitter user to twitter to get suspended and to the police
for spreading defamatory allegations about Deon Fialkov.

Serial Cyber-bully , stalker , random defamatory keyboard thug knorkop suspended

Well, after 3 weeks of me reporting the keyboard thug knorkop for harassing me Deon Fialkov , eventually followed the clues I showed them and did what they should have done 500 reports earlier.

Yes I do realise that knorkop will create another 200 ghost accounts to stalk me, but they will reflect
created December 2019 – unless he buys someone’s account that they don’t use.

Dear tucows and my hosting service – that this cyber-thug is `emailing’ you, tweeting you, ask him
to PROVE ALL of his lunatic defamatory allegations. Ask him to provide physical proof of EVERYTHING that he tweeted about online.

Yes , I’ll wait.

Cyber bully and Stalker Weenen1 busted for FAKING TWEETS

I have seen Weenen1 tweet this before and each time he tweets , one more idiot of his – likes and retweets it as if it’s real.

I didn’t really think that I would need to explain how stupid his friends/followers are, but I’ll show you the proof now.

Ame1Rej was suspended 16:34pm 9 August 2019

User knorkop wanted FREE PHOTOSHOOT – so defames Deon Fialkov

Cyber stalker knorkop boasting about STALKING DEON FIALKOV

Cyber bully and stalker who hides behind the ghost account knorkop loves boasting about

Cyber bully valeska360 back with new troll profile kinghugo18

knorkop is a cyber-stalker , internet bully – report and block immediately

The troll profile who is stalking Deon Fialkov is a user behind knorkop on twitter.

He’s gone to the point of defaming Deon Fialkov purely for likes and retweets and to promote a defamatory article that was never ever proven.

Please report user knorkop to twitter to get suspended.

Cyber bully valeska360 back with new troll profile KaneValeska

Cyber Stalker and Sex Pest knorkop creates another stalker profile

Please report this user to stop him from stalking more innocent users and fabricating images harassing them.