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Cyber-bully SusanMa23660486 gets reported to the police for cyber-bullying

Coward who hides her identity behind ghost account SusanMa23660486 has been reported to the police for cyber-bullying , intimidation and harassment.

SusanMa23660486, I won’t just get your current profile suspended. I WILL GET EVERY PROFILE of yours – that you create – to harass users like me suspended.

I’ve dealt with cyber-bullies and trolls before.

Now the police will have a case docket with screenshots of your harassment.

SusanMa23660486 takes a day off from cyber-bullying

Coward who uses the ghost account @SusanMa23660486 who loves to harass users like Deon Fialkov took 1 day off from cyber-bullying – looking for sympathy.

After seeing those 2 tweets, I actually thought that you were a human but then I saw this tweet

and I knew that you were plain evil.

I really hope that the likes and retweets that you get from harassing users is worth it because I guarantee that I will mass-report your profile to get suspended like I did with @suziquatro2

i_batibat is losing more ghost accounts owing to cyber-bullying Deon Fialkov

DEAR i_batibat and team of cyber-bullies,

Unlike you , your tweets bullying me , that gets you likes and retweets – mean nothing to me when you lose ghost account after ghost account.

I’m watching every tweet you do …

Happy tweeting

SusanMa23660486 apologises non-stop to Deon Fialkov

Another cyber-bully who has no life other than to harass users on twitter is SusanMa23660486 , previously suspended using SuziQuatro2 for hateful conduct and abusive behaviour.

Her full identity with her apology to Deon Fialkov has been received.

She can’t afford to be sued so she apologised.

Thank you SusanMa23660486 for acknowledging your faults.

Cyber-bully SusanMa23660486 gets sued for criminal defamation

Dear SusanMa23660486


What you are sharing is NOT evidence. It is hearsay.

Because you are sharing hearsay, you will liable for criminal defamation.

Get ready for court !