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THEUNS NOTHNAGEL is in panic mode now that his main ghost account and his minions are starting to get suspended by twitter again for being abusive:

Cyber bully and stalker populistmorons finally suspended

The user who created the twitter profile @populistmorons has finally been suspended.

Many users were boasting about her getting suspended.

THEUNS NOTHNAGEL defames DEON FIALKOV from his multiple ghost accounts

THEUNS NOTHNAGEL is defaming DEON FIALKOV from many of his ghost accounts that he uses to harass , humiliate and incite fear from his `anonymous coward accounts’ where he hides what he looks like and his full name spewing nonsense.

He even loves to retweet the defamatory links about Deon Fialkov – so much , in fact, one can only wonder if he’s getting paid to share their links … mmmmmm

He has a really psycho version of calling Deon Fialkov a stalker when his behaviour is not normal – using multiple ghost accounts to spew his nonsense and vitriol from.

Dear THEUNS NOTHNAGEL, instead of acting like a keyboard thug – report me to the police… THE POLICE ARE WAITING for you to turn yourself in for cyber-bullying users online.

THEUNS NOTHANGEL has indoctrinated his minions , not `followers’ because they seem to think that his bullshit is true.

Dear THEUNS NOTHNAGEL , PROVE THAT ANY OF THE FAKE ACCOUNTS belong to Deon Fialkov – it’s not a difficult thing to do. Anyone who believes your lies about Deon Fialkov deserves your fake friendship and your zero credibility.

SHELDON CAMERON , the guy that fabricated lies about DEON FIALKOV has had both his twitter profiles suspended for being abusive on twitter:

Yolanda Nicolson gets her large profile suspended