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Cyber-bully SusanMa23660486 gets reported to the police for cyber-bullying

Coward who hides her identity behind ghost account SusanMa23660486 has been reported to the police for cyber-bullying , intimidation and harassment.

SusanMa23660486, I won’t just get your current profile suspended. I WILL GET EVERY PROFILE of yours – that you create – to harass users like me suspended.

I’ve dealt with cyber-bullies and trolls before.

Now the police will have a case docket with screenshots of your harassment.

i_batibat is losing more ghost accounts owing to cyber-bullying Deon Fialkov

DEAR i_batibat and team of cyber-bullies,

Unlike you , your tweets bullying me , that gets you likes and retweets – mean nothing to me when you lose ghost account after ghost account.

I’m watching every tweet you do …

Happy tweeting