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THEUNS NOTHNAGEL loses main ghost account bynaturenawty

THEUNS NOTHNAGEL who uses multiple ghost accounts on twitter had his main ghost account bynaturenawty suspended for abusive behaviour (ie. hateful conduct)

THEUNS NOTHNAGEL who is obsessed with sharing the defamatory links about Deon Fialkov seems to think that the allegations in the defamatory articles are FACTS. They are NOT FACTS Theuns Nothnagel. Read up the definition of `allegations’ then you might comprehend the stupidity of sharing fake news.

User Natz_online is the bullshit bully that torments twitter users

It amazes me how twitter allows an imbecile to spew vitriol constantly attacking users on twitter – purely for likes and retweets.

I’m going to attach screenshots of her bullying online.

This user hides her identity behind a ghost account @Natz_online and defames users without actually producing any proof.

Cyber bully and stalker populistmorons finally suspended

The user who created the twitter profile @populistmorons has finally been suspended.

Many users were boasting about her getting suspended.