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Cyber bully Weenen1 begs for forgiveness after being exposed

Dear Weenen1 and knorkop

As I exposed Weenen1 yesterday for faking tweets.

Today I noticed he could not sleep because Deon Fialkov occupied his every thought.

He was trying desperately to defame Deon Fialkov , like his buddy knorkop does behind his ghost account but they failed miserably.

Cyber bully and Stalker Weenen1 busted for FAKING TWEETS

I have seen Weenen1 tweet this before and each time he tweets , one more idiot of his – likes and retweets it as if it’s real.

I didn’t really think that I would need to explain how stupid his friends/followers are, but I’ll show you the proof now.

Ame1Rej was suspended 16:34pm 9 August 2019

Cyber Bully Weenen1 outs his bully follower knorkop to apologise to Deon Fialkov

Cyber Stalker Weenen1 creates another ghost account to stalk users

Cyber Stalker Weenen1 creates another ghost account to stalk users.

Thank you to cyber-bully Weenen1 for promoting my site

Thank you so much to cyber-bully Weenen1 and knorkop for promoting www.777productions.com

The amount of traffic my site gets because of you is increasing.

Cyber Stalker and Sex Pest Weenen1 creates another stalker profile

Please report this user to stop him from stalking more innocent users and fabricating images harassing them.

Weenen1 is a compulsive liar – the worse type of troll

Some users really have no lives. User Weenen1 is the perfect example of such a user.

Going to the extent of photoshopping images to make it look like certain users tweeted things and then getting his minions to retweet it as if it’s true.

And with this type of troll having no life , creating multiple ghost accounts to harass users comes naturally to him.

Here’s just one of the many ghost accounts that Weenen1 has admitted to not using right now.


A new month and twitter is still delaying in suspending the cyber-bully who hides behind the GHOST ACCOUNT
Weenen1 on twitter.

Twitter shadow bans the cyber bully Weenen1

Thank you twitter for dealing with the cyber-bully.

Would have preferred if you start suspending users like this so that they don’t harass others online.

As described in the image above, a Shadow Ban is not a permanent ban. All it basically does is make your tweets invisible to anyone you’ve replied to and resets the users you follow to zero.

Weenen1 ‘s Shadowban lasted from 14:05pm Thursday 28 November 2019
Finished 14:13pm Friday 29 November 2019

Once the Shadow ban is finished, tweets become visible and users who you follower are visible again.

Weenen1 is a cyber-bully and cyber-stalker

Unsure why twitter does NOT care about the safety of its users on twitter but here is another user to report to twitter support for cyber-bullying , cyber-stalking and harassment of users from a ghost account.

I have many users who troll Deon Fialkov by sharing snippets of the defamatory articles about him , yet they hide behind ghost accounts to do this.

User Weenen1 has created multiple ghost accounts that he retweets fabricated tweets – purely for likes and retweets.

Here he is admitting to not using his other profile.