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A new month and twitter is still delaying in suspending the cyber-bully who hides behind the GHOST ACCOUNT
Weenen1 on twitter.

Twitter shadow bans the cyber bully Weenen1

Thank you twitter for dealing with the cyber-bully.

Would have preferred if you start suspending users like this so that they don’t harass others online.

As described in the image above, a Shadow Ban is not a permanent ban. All it basically does is make your tweets invisible to anyone you’ve replied to and resets the users you follow to zero.

Weenen1 ‘s Shadowban lasted from 14:05pm Thursday 28 November 2019
Finished 14:13pm Friday 29 November 2019

Once the Shadow ban is finished, tweets become visible and users who you follower are visible again.

Weenen1 is a cyber-bully and cyber-stalker

Unsure why twitter does NOT care about the safety of its users on twitter but here is another user to report to twitter support for cyber-bullying , cyber-stalking and harassment of users from a ghost account.

I have many users who troll Deon Fialkov by sharing snippets of the defamatory articles about him , yet they hide behind ghost accounts to do this.