Tariq Kathrada, “recorded himself having sex with a woman without her consent”


Tariq Kathrada, recorded himself having sex with a woman without her consent and posted it on porn websites. Name and shame him. This is sex offender, he violated her rights and exposed her. I hope he gets jail time. pic.twitter.com/Yi9fmjOLCE

— Hiroshi Adaniya (@HiroshiAdaniya) August 14, 2019   

@SundayTimesZA @eNCA @SABCNewsOnline @Newzroom405 @SAPoliceService

— Mo (@AmardienNoer) August 14, 2019


— soft girl tshi 🖤 (@makhadzitshia) August 14, 2019

Agree. People like to distribute “slut lists” that are meant to shame women, but the women did nothing wrong. We need a list of men like this who are assaulting, harassing, violating the privacy of and committing acts of violence against women.

— LFC champions! (@jauhara) August 15, 2019

@saint_jhb @CapeTalk @eNCA

— The Authentic Girl #BodyPositive (@bodypositiveMeg) August 15, 2019


— Brick Top (@mainlymujahid) August 19, 2019

Is there any evidence?

— HNDRXX (@ReezyH_) August 15, 2019

He appologised on Twitter

— Fuzz (@Heeeectic) August 15, 2019

Some dude #TariqKathrada been posting vids of women he slept with and hiding his face but showing theirs. And then the Matt Black resurfacing and just… men being trash.

— Zee (@Yazurd) August 14, 2019

That’s the fickle society we live in today. You laughed and cheered when you knew someone did all that creepy shit, then suddenly you were the first to throw stones at him when he got ousted #tariqkathrada

— Ridwaan (@Ridaaaz) August 17, 2019

He admitted to it .. on Twitter. There was no need for you to post a picture of their sex act showing only her face, that you knew! was taken without her consent and post it on the internet.

And not just that, you also posted the exact means for others to go find it.

— explorer_subrosa (@metaresearcher1) August 21, 2019

Saint is distancing themselves from this #TariqKathrada thing. Saying he left “a while back”…

— Jsa Jsa Gabor (@JediJada) August 15, 2019


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