Twitter is Promoting Malware on its platform

I have been monitoring the source-code of the link that is being promoted here:

The link allows you to get FREE FOLLOWERS ,


in exchange for the FREE FOLLOWERS – you auto-spam everyone that is following you – a link to the tweet.

I have reported the user @bakugouvie about 15 times – twitter says that there’s nothing wrong with it.

This is misleading and false.

Twitter simply DOES NOT CARE that the link infects millions of its users.

As can be seen by the quoted replies to the tweet:


Your twitter profile is currently hacked. Follow these steps


Go to settings
Go to accounts
In accounts , go to apps and sessions
In apps and sessions, go to connected apps

In connected apps, remove all the access of other apps by revoking each app

Then come back and change your password to your twitter account

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  • Sizwe

    Too little too late. I’ve already clicked opened the link. How do I stop it from tweeting to future followers.