Zizi Moloko tiktok video `how I met my husband’ causes her and husband to get cyber-bullied

In her tiktok video, titled `how I met my husband’ , many users started posting bullying tweets harassing her and her husband.


According to Zizi Moloko, she said she loves multi dating, until a man says with his full chest that he’s ready to have a strong relationship with her.
According to Zizi Moloko, she said that long distance caused the multi dating, despite already meeting her boyfriend (now husband).
She says that her husband used to buy her gifts, chocolate and others from Johannesburg (HER HUSBAND LIVES THERE) to Cape Town (she lived there).
One day, her husband decided to travel from Johannesburg to Cape Town to romance her in person, that’s was when their relationship became serious.
Now South African men are calling her husband a ‘simp.’